Connecting, Collaborating, Innovating


Enhancing Innovation in the Regions Our founder, Lee Foster, was invited to a summit hosted by the Chief Scientist of Queensland. At the workshop, we explored ways to bring University research and researchers into the regions to enhance innovation. We discussed the need to improve the way we share knowledge not only with industry but [...]

Connecting, Collaborating, Innovating2024-06-04T16:33:52+10:00

The role of TRUST in solving the Climate Crisis


Lee Foster, the founder of Innovate Wisely, provides her reflections on the UN's Antonio Guterres call to action to address the looming Climate Catastrophe and how Trust is the key to this resolution. Without a healthy environment, there is no economy. As our environment struggles, so do we. So stop worrying about the economy [...]

The role of TRUST in solving the Climate Crisis2024-04-02T18:42:23+10:00

Agile ways of Innovating Wisely


We know that being agile is a great way to promote and support innovation, yet we understand a lot of organisations have trouble being agile. How do we truly embed agility into our culture? The InnoWise way shows you how: it shows you how to innovate with wisdom by understanding how knowledge, trust and energy [...]

Agile ways of Innovating Wisely2023-07-10T15:42:48+10:00

Celebrating our first peer-reviewed publication


  We are super excited to share with you our first, peer-reviewed, journal article in the  Journal of the Knowledge Economy Get the Competitive Edge: Connect Knowledge to Unleash Innovation   Organisational competitive advantage relies heavily on innovation, which is closely tied to knowledge Our study focuses on the role of knowledge governance mechanisms in managing [...]

Celebrating our first peer-reviewed publication2023-06-26T18:29:52+10:00

Holcim Cage Machine Case Study


This case study outlines the Holcim’s ‘Cage Machine’ project using the InnoWise™ framework and tools – the Knowledge Canvas™ and Knowledge Pulse™. Introduction Andrew Heley (National Manager R&D, Innovation and Assets) of Holcim, has tested the Knowledge Canvas and Pulse products on an innovative project - installing a robot to weld cages used for making [...]

Holcim Cage Machine Case Study2023-06-26T18:27:15+10:00
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