We know that being agile is a great way to promote and support innovation, yet we understand a lot of organisations have trouble being agile. How do we truly embed agility into our culture? The InnoWise way shows you how: it shows you how to innovate with wisdom by understanding how knowledge, trust and energy creates innovation success.

Our Founder, Lee Foster, recently presented to ‘Women in Agile’ in Brisbane the following example illustration of how the InnoWise framework could fit in with a Scrum process. We’d like your feedback by answering the survey or posting a comment. The Knowledge Pulse™ is a survey based system with questions designed for each specific phase of the InnoWise process – presented on the right. The Knowledge Canvas™ is a guided, planning process to build a knowledge-based strategy or plan from the idea’s inception to full realisation of the solution and the new knowledge.

Our question to the Agile community:

  1. What do you find is your biggest hurdle in being Agile within your organisation or your project? And why?
  2. How much would knowledge management, especially building upon existing knowledge and the new knowledge that is created, help promote business Agility?
  3. Knowing that trust is needed to drive energy for the change:
    To what extent would managing trust support business agility?
  4. Energy is measured in different ways such as: the extent of support for the initiative in terms of allocation of resources, the level of enthusiasm for the change or the solution, or the level of engagement from customers and stakeholders.
    To what extent would managing energy support business agility?
  5. How can we improve our understanding of how InnoWise can support Agile ways of innovating?


Answer the survey here