Enhancing Innovation in the Regions

Our founder, Lee Foster, was invited to a summit hosted by the Chief Scientist of Queensland. At the workshop, we explored ways to bring University research and researchers into the regions to enhance innovation.

We discussed the need to improve the way we share knowledge not only with industry but it is also lacking within the University themselves.

Starting slowly was mentioned and building upon good work already under way was needed. There was a clear need to conduct a knowledge audit of what is currently in place in the innovation ecosystem:

  • to find out what is working
  • what can we roll out to other regions
  • how can we roll this out

Let’s not re-invent the wheel. Let’s manage the knowledge that we have, find the gaps, build collaboration, create new knowledge, share the knowledge, and grow.

Building collaboration requires Trust. How can we change behaviour from a competitive approach to one of trust and collaboration? We welcome your thoughts on this mighty challenge.